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Representatives from Rainbow Communities Tasmania Inc. (RCT) are meeting with Kingborough Council representatives in June to discuss the possibility of restarting a Coming Out Proud Program (COPP) Liaison Committee within Council.

To this end, Kingborough Council and Huon Valley Council, who in the past have supported COPP Liaison Committees, have been supplied with a combined COPP Management Plan.

RCT representatives are committed to discussing the following with Kingborough Council:

  • Restoring COPP Liaison Committee arrangements with council

  • Appointment of a COPP Liaison Councillor to Kingborough Council

  • The possibility of collaborative arrangements with Huon Valley Council, especially with regard to Tasmania's very high rates of suicide and self-harm

  • Following the lead of Hobart City Council with agreed arrangements for the LGBTIQ+ rainbow flag to be flown alongside other Tasmanian Anti-Discrimination Act (TADA) attribute group flags

  • Reviewing and reinstating the LGBTIQ+ Cultural Awareness and TAD Act 1998 training of all councillors, council staff and personnel.

As a result of some strong anti-discrimination situations within their municipalities, COPP has taken two councils, Kingborough and Huon Valley, into the Anti-Discrimination Commission complaint system, with positive results. COPP liaison committees have collaborated with over twenty local councils, an enormous task especially considering COPP raised its own funding, a situation that has subsided in recent years. Anyone interested in attending the meeting with Cr David Grace (previously Kingborough Council's LGBTIQ+ Liaison Councillor), Cr Amanda Midgley and Council Staff Member, Katrena Stephenson, is welcome to contact Julian Punch on 0429 396 605.

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