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Updated: Dec 16, 2022

The project of Rainbow Communities Tasmania Inc. (RCT Inc.) is to support the growing network of activists in the 76 countries that execute, imprison, persecute and torture SOGI (people for their diverse Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity). Everyone, whether they identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, two-spirit, heterosexual or cisgender (identifying with the same gender that one was assigned at birth), has a sexual orientation and gender identity - it's an inclusive term that applies to everyone.

RCT Inc. is working to empower SOGI activists in the 76 above-mentioned countries, whose voices are not significantly heard or listened to in Australia. RCT Inc. is active on behalf of repressed people, through visits and support to achieve change in the home country, in helping them to take a path towards freedom as asylum seekers, and most importantly, through supporting the most courageous activism via our country activist network.

In these countries, there is no safe access to UN offices or SOGI culturally-aware trained officers, hence our unanswered submission to the UN Independent expert, Victor Madrigal-Berloz. Our work is financially supported by our members.

We are now appealing through the Rainbow Communities network for two things from supporters and RCT Inc. Members:

  • Individuals to sponsor members of our nations country networks on their path to freedom;

  • Individuals to connect and contribute to members of our nations country activists networks in accordance with the legal advice of our Legal Migration Officer (as registered on our website) to obtain Australian visas.

The Department of Home Affairs continues to engage closely with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to support the resettlement of people who identify as LGBTIQ+ as a priority within their Humanitarian Program.

The Australian Government is keen to ensure that vulnerable refugees, including LGBTIQ+ refugees, can receive appropriate support, gain independence and participate in the Australian community.

Protection visa applications made in Australia are assessed at

The work we are doing is unique in Australia and is self-determined by our international country activists from the 76 countries. RCT Inc. has at this time no funding to assist SOGI asylum seekers on their pathway to freedom.

Whilst in the past Australia has been a leader in bringing some of the most vulnerable refugees in the world from overseas and supporting them to settle in Australia, now Australia’s treatment of refugees who come here seeking protection is leading the world in the opposite direction: we now have the most punitive policies aimed at deterring vulnerable people from seeking safety here.

For further information, please contact

Julian Punch AM OTL Rainbow Communities Tas Inc

Email Phone 61 3 6239 6606 or 0429 396 605 Web

Please also see the article above this one.

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