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"We are gay couple in Pakistan and we want to get married.

We are from Lahore, Pakistan. I am 34 years old, single and in a relationship with a 19 years guy for more than a year. So, we both want to get married and stay together.

I understand it is very difficult for both of us to make it happen in Pakistan because it is considered a crime to have a relation with same-sex partners. I am Catholic and my partner is Muslim. We are desperate and want to be with each other.

Not only this, if our society will come to know, we may be murdered or killed in the name of family respect or religious basis. The reason is that we want to get married because we love each other. We are not able to disclose with our family or society even sometimes our family forces us to get married to a girl that is against our feelings, relations, and emotions. I have been hiding these feelings from my society and family since I have realised I am gay.

Also, my partner did not know about it but he learned once he came across it. We both are deprived of all the happiness of life, freedom, mental and physical relation because we want to be together as a married couple. I will be really glad if I find any possibility to make our dream come true.

Please keep this request secret because if someone will know about us in Pakistan, we both would be in trouble. I will be looking forward to your feedback."


Sponsorship of the men would include:

· Getting to know them

· Educating and preparing them for Australia

· Possibility of raising funds to support their UTAS scholarship

· Liaising with the Overseas Students Unit at UTAS

· Understanding the Overseas Students and Visa Enrolment Process

· Supporting them in Tasmania

If anyone is in a position and willing to sponsor this couple, please email Julian Punch:

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