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...Unfortunately LGBTIQ+ communities come second to people’s political aspirations.

Some of our political members have lost seats in the Tasmanian State Parliament elections, a matter of concern to our communities as we are always vulnerable to political vagaries.

Unfortunately Alison Standen, a proud community member, seems to have lost her seat to the aspirations of right wing Labor member, Dean Winter. This is a dramatic loss for our community, however Alison is resilient and will come back stronger.

Sue Hickey and Kristie Johnson, who have shown themselves to be unashamedly supportive and prepared to back self-determination for the LGBTIQ+ community, are still in the race, as is Roger Jaensch, who was supportive in the north-west politics of Rainbow Communities Tasmania Inc. and an early Liberal advocate for marriage equality.

Of concern now is the imbalance in the Liberal government with conservatives Elise Archer and Adam Brooks unlikely to support the Coroner’s Act reform to treat same-sex couples equally, or the issues of

  • banning conversion practices and non-consensual surgery on intersex children

  • gender recognition laws

  • reform of the Tasmanian Anti-Discrimnation Act (TADA) on hate crime.

Waiting in the balance are ultra-conservatives, Madeline Ogilvie and Simon Beharakis, who are no friends of ours with their contesting seats in Clarke.

We swing in the political wind as ever.

Julian Punch AM OTL

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